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New to the fair – this Saturday!

The kingly Steve Tillotson brings us Banal Pig’s Royal Assortment in time for Saturday’s fair!

“Ding Ding! Here’s the cover to my new comic, the 18th banal pig publication, created especially for the 5th Leeds Alternative Comics Fair next weekend (or specifically, the top half of the front cover of the comic- there’s a comic on the bottom half). The comic is 8 big, full colour pages and was originally planned just to be a vehicle for my I, Yeti story, but I have expanded it to include a previously unseen story called Vampire Weekend and two full page strips that are slightly tweaked versions of comics that have been printed in other anthologies. It will be a limited edition so if they all sell at LACF5, that’ll be it. Get in touch though if you can’t make it and you’d like one reserving.”

Friend of LACF, Gareth Brookes, will be selling Christmas editions of Man Man. Here he is, demonstrating a copy:

Isn’t he sweet? Come and give him a hug on Saturday.

And the incomparable Andy Sykes presents his new Hexjibber Anti-Revision Book! I have beheld it. It is very, very good.

“The Hexjibber Anti Revision Book is for people who want to creatively procrastinate, slack off in style and waste time productively. It’s guaranteed to be 100% free of educational value! All the activities inside are based on the most common subjects you would study at School, College or University.

No matter what kind of work you are avoiding, this book has an activity for you! They range from colouring in, drawing challenges, quizzes and puzzles! Pick from English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art, Design, P.E., Business Studies, Life Skills and many more. So, open the book up and get ready to wrong your brain up, with some Anti Revision!”

I can highly recommend anything from these boys. Please come along and have a look. Maybe even pick up a copy for that unique Christmas present! Ideal for anyone who likes a laff.

It’s gonna be another fun event. And some of us are sacrificing valuable Chrimbo shopping time! So make it worth our while by saying hello! Plus I will be waggling my camera around and hopefully putting together a little documentary of the day!

- Hugh

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LACF4 photos!

There’s a whole bunch of photos from our very successful 4th fair on Hugh’s blog!



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Exhibitors for LACF 4, so far

We’re still confirming the full exhibitor list, but to tickle your comic fancies the lineup so far includes:

John Allison
Gary Bainbridge
James ‘Couk’ Downing
Kristyna Baczynski
Adam Cadwell
Andy ‘Hexjibber’ Sykes
and of course your humble hosts Steve Tillotson
and Hugh Raine. More exhibitors to be announced shortly.

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Forbidden Planet International report!

That crazy Richard Bruton asked me to write up a report of the third fair for one of my favourite blogs, the Forbidden Planet International blog! Click this to read  it:

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Some pics from the 3rd fair!

Click on this one to see the rest!

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Reet Sweet fair!

While we were postering for our 3rd fair, we came across an event that we thought would interest our visitors. And since they share the name “reet” with our own Shug and his REET! Comics, we decided to make friends (instead of contacting our lawyers). Here are details of the fair taking place on Saturday 1st October. So make a day of it and visit both our fair and theirs!

Everyone at Reetsweet Craft Events would like to invite you to their ongoing art, design and neo-craft fairs in Leeds.  We are a distinctly modern, 100% handmade fair, featuring homewares, jewellery and accessories as well as cupcakes from the delightful Marvellous Tea Dance Co.   Reetsweet Events have put the haute couture into what we formally knew as craft –  you won’t find dodgy tea cosies, poorly made jewellery or bad hippy beads… we bring you the very best of affordable, fashionable handmade!

Reetsweet was born last year on this premise; the aim to bring quality hand made products to the high street in a welcoming, customer driven environment.

We have booked the very best up and coming Crafters, alongside we will be serving cakes from The Marvellous Tea Dance Company, plus surprises in store at every event from prize draws to tarot reading!

You won’t find any other shopping experience in Leeds city centre like it!  Reetsweet handpicks only the best quirky, fun and one off pieces for you to buy and all our events are free of charge to visit! 

Our next scheduled event is the whole weekend of October 1st and 2nd at the Leeds Corn Exchange, and then in November we are hosting a special craft party at the Leeds University’s Riley Smith Hall on the 8th!  Pop down!

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Exhibitor profile 16 – Kelly Walton

Kelly Walton.
What? Drawing, painting, knitting, needle felting.
Where? In plymouth.
When? Sometimes.
Why? ‘Cause i want to!
How? Pencils, brushes, ink, paint and wool.

I’ll be bringing lots of hand painted badges, stickerpacks, some zines and little needle felted turnip babies too.

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Exhibitor profile 15 – Isaac Lenkiewicz

Definately Isaac Lenkiewicz, son of famous ice barrel jumper ‘Bertie Lenkiewicz’.
What? Mainly drawings of moon men, giants and turnips. Piles of hidden sketchbooks.
Where? In Plymouth.
When? Every damn day.
Why? “Because I gotta!” Nah, because I wanna. I really like doing it.
How? Looking at loads of things. Oh and a pencil, a brush, some paper and a mouse.

I’ll be bringing some copies of my ‘Jonah’ comic and also a new comic called ‘Giant Fighters’. I’m also going to do my best to bring my A GAME.

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Exhibitor Profile 13 – Jim Medway!

Who? Jim Medway
What? Comical Animal, Paw Quality Comics, Crab Lane Crew from The DFC and Create Comics workshops.
The loft at home, Furness Vale, High Peak. On a windy day you can smell Swizzells Matlow in nearby New Mills.
When? Inbetween teaching and bringing up offspring. I’m not that productive to be honest.
I don’t like offices or staffrooms.
How? Copying down what I either see or make up.

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Exhibitor Profile number 5 – Hugh ‘Shug’ Raine

Who? Hugh Raine. I also call myself Shug, which means I’ve literally halved my internet presence. Whoops.

What? I started with a free comic-zine called REET!, which was given away in Leeds, Hull and even Dewsbury. Now, comic projects continue under the REET! Comics banner, namely my latest mini-series, Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep and old ‘favourites’, Jenny’s Weird Friend, Barbs, Interference and Olive’s Mix Tape.
I also make the occasional soundtrack for these comics (which can be downloaded for free on my website) and have a steady flow of freelance work for beer companies, bands and magazines, doing album artwork, company logos, beer pumpclips and more.

Where? I live and work in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where I illustrate and design funny cards for UK Greetings. I’m embracing my Yorkshire roots more and more, and every year I visit a place in Yorkshire I’ve never been to before for Hourly Comic Day. Read my Ilkley and Saltaire editions! It’s nice to have a sense of place and my work has become much more grounded.

When? I’ve always made comics. I thought I wanted to be a newspaper strip cartoonist while at college. Then, on my animation degree in Hull, I joined a group of guys who made a free comic called Lobster. When that ended, I continued in the same vein making REET! and in the last few years, I’ve been self publishing comics to sell through my website and at comic fairs. I find time to make them after work and at weekends, much to my wife’s chagrin.

Why? I just love comics. When I first picked up Peter Bagge’s Hate, I realised there was more to comics than the Silver Surfer comics I’d been collecting. I want to make comics and art along the lines of work by Steven Weissman, Tom Hart, Pat Moriarty, John Kricfalusi and Nicolas Mahler. Unfortunately, most of those guys are American, but there are many up and coming UK artists and writers who may inspire us all yet!

How? I work in a variety of mediums but always using the cheapest materials. It doesn’t matter what paper you work on or what pen you use. The only expensive bit of kit I have is Photoshop, which all my work is finished, collated and coloured on. I work endlessly to achieve an inky, natural line, but the recent rediscovery of dip pens is sending me in a new direction.

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