Exhibitor Profile number 1- Gareth Brookes

we’ve asked the creators who will be peddling their wares at the leeds alternative comics fair to fill in a simple questionnaire about themselves- firstly, here’s gareth brookes

who? gareth brookes www.appallingnonsense.co.uk
what? man man, smell of the wild, can i borrow your toilet all nice things like that. Sherlock Holmes vs Skeletor is out now!! If you like things where two different people are fighting against each other and the outcome is in doubt, this is the comic you will probably enjoy!!
where? Byfleet and New Haw!
when? all the time
why? Because if I didn’t make comics anymore electricity would stop working, Charles Hawtrey came to me in a dream and told me.
how? with a stapler some beers and all four ‘revenge of the nerds’ films


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