Exhibitor Profile Eleven- Adam Cadwell

Who? – Hello, my name is Adam Cadwell.
What? – Comics! For the last four years I’ve mostly been drawing my own face in autobio comics such as my now completed webcomic The Everyday and my stories in the anthology Solipsistic Pop but I’m moving into fiction with my next comic Blood Blokes about slacker vampires.
I’ll be selling the The Everyday print collections along with badges and postcard books and original art for sale. I’ll have the art for Blood Blokes on view and I may also have some copies of Solpop with me and a Welsh zombie comedy horror comic called Stiffs which I coloured and lettered.
Where? – I live in Manchester and most of my work is set in this sun-kissed paradise.
When? – Whenever I can. I draw for a living as a freelance storyboard artist and illustrator, so when I’m not getting paid to draw things I draw my own things.
Why? – Like breathing, drinking Vimto or pouting in photographs, I just can’t help it. Drawing and making comics is what I do and I’ve always done it.
How? – I draw everything on paper then ink with a brush pen, then scan and colour in Photoshop on my Mac. For printing, I put together a pdf using InDesign then take it to Marc the Printers in Manchester who do a fine job of doing all the things I’m sick of; the printing, compiling, folding and stapling of hundreds of copies.


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